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Houston Promotional Video Services - Myths

Video Myth 1

It's too expensive!

While many companies believe they would have to mortgage their building to cover the cost of a high quality training video, this is hardly the case. We offer fixed-cost, cost-effective digital video production packages that not only save money, but put this myth to rest once and for all, as well.

Video Myth 2

It's too difficult.

Our team of qualified professionals will work closely with you through every step of the production process to create an effective corporate training program. While many companies prefer to create their own video script, Artistic Video offers turnkey production services - from concept to completion, including scripting, camerawork, editing, graphics, titles, voiceover talent, duplication, and packaging.

Video Myth 3

It's too slow over the Internet and not everyone can play it.

Streaming video over the Internet is no longer slow, expensive, or even choppy. In fact, our streaming video technology is fast, cost-effective, smooth and easily accessible to anyone with a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. It is no longer necessary for your visitors to have to download Quicktime, Real Player, or any other video player from other websites.

Because the end user simply clicks a regular website link to view the video, there are no direct distribution costs involved. By utilizing new Microsoft Windows Media technologies, streaming video produced by our company is now accessible to virtually anyone with an Internet connection. In most cases, there is no additional software required in order to view the video. All that is necessary is the Microsoft Windows Media Player, which is included in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Windows operating systems.

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Satified Customers

"Terrific job -- thank you so much! John and I agreed that out of all our promotional materials, your video worked the best. Keep up the good work!"
"We are thoroughly pleased with our promotional video and have already sent out over five hundred copies. We have received many compliments and highly recommend using Artistic Video Productions."
"We were looking to deploy video in our marketing mix. We really wanted to know what our options were, and Artistic Video was a really good place to go to help figure it out. We would definitely recommend Artistic Video Productions."
"Our video explains the benefits of our products and goes everywhere the information needs to be. We would need a multitude of products to achieve what this one promotional video does for our company."
"Our product promotion has gone very well. The video was well received by our clients with some excellent feedback. Congratulations, Artistic Video! You did us proud."